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Nice day at the beach, locals not concerned about storms

PENSACOLA BEACH -- It was hard to imagine any bad weather heading this way... It was a beautiful day on Pensacola Beach.
Not a whole lot of preps going on here. People are not too concerned. The wind is getting stronger, and the surf is pretty rough. But that didn't stop people from enjoying the beautiful weather today.
This wasn't what Heather Jackson expected to wake up to this morning.... sunny skies, a slight breeze, and no signs of any bad weather on the way.
We just left and thought we'd come out to the beach to see how bad it was but its pretty sunny and pretty, except for the waves but its good."
But Jackson plans to listen to any warnings.  And if the weather starts to pick up, she'll stay indoors.
"Im personally not as worried about it. But whatever happens, happens," she said.
Lifeguard towers were pushed back on Pensacola Beach in case of a surge, but lifeguards continued to patrol the beach. People were allowed to dip their feet in the water, but if anyone got any further they were told to get out.
Cody smith said, "I would go in the water if they'd let us.... Im just gonna hang out get my tan on and go to some hurricane parties tonight."
Next to the pier, there were dozens of surfers out in the water. Sean alley says the waves were about 5 feet high.... perfect conditions for any experienced surfer.
"I almost got ran over a couple of times because a lot of people are out here its really nice conditions. Other than that its all nice.
Emergency crews will be on standby just in case.