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Escaped killers back behind bars

The two escaped convicts who broke out of a Florida prison are back behind bars today
They were captured Sunday
Charles Walker and Joseph Jenkins escaped from the Franklin Correctional Facility in Carrabelle where they were serving life sentences.
The two convicted killers walked out of the prison with forged documents.
The massive manhunt ended at the "Coconut Grove Motor Inn" in Panama City Beach.
Jenkins was found guilty of first degree murder in the 1998 killing of an Orlando man.
Walker was convicted of second-degree murder in a 1999 slaying in Orange County.
During a court appearance on Sunday, law enforcement grilled the two men, wanting to know who helped them in this scheme.
They're expecting to make more arrests.
Charles Walker and Joseph Jenkins are back behind bars, serving their life sentences.
But there are still unanswered questions.
Investigators are now trying to figure how these documents were created, and who helped them.
Investigators believe the two men had help.. a lot of help.
They believe someone helped them forge the documents, that got them out of prison. There is speculation these documents could be constructed for 8,000 dollars.
The original documents are now being analyzed for any traces of DNA.
They also believe someone helped them stay out of police's radar for weeks.
When the fugitives were captured, they were waiting for a ride to take them out of state.

Bailey: "It was dispatched out of Atlanta..who was the driver or where that driver was going to take them after he or she got here we do not know."

Investigators are now looking into Jenkins' and Walker's prison accounts where friends on the outside can make deposits. They have ruled out family members as suspects. It appears they were tricked like everyone else..

Bailey: "We are backtracking to those who helped carry out this fraud
And we will be looking closely at anyone who may have helped harbor these

Hours before the men were caught on Sunday, their families held a press conference in Orlando.
The Walker family's attorney says they believed their prayers had been answered and the men had been released.
They had no idea Walker and Jenkins forged documents.
Walker even spent time with his family, appearing in public places including going to his church.
Their families pleaded with them to give up.
Lillie Danzi ;  Charles Walker's mother:
"We just want you to surrender yourself to someone you trust who can bring you back here safely. We don't  want any harm to come to you"

Henry Pierson Father figure to Jenkins "We are asking you, Joseph Jenkins, turn yourself in to the nearest appropriate authorities. So we can end this episode of our lives"

The Department of Corrections receives about two thousand routine documents each year that grant inmates gain time.
But they get very few ordering a large sentence reduction.
Corrections Secretary Michael Crews says his department has already changed its procedure, from now on it will talk directly with judges in such cases.