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Party leaders take the lead on negotiations on shutdown

WASHINGTON   --   Democratic and republican leaders in the senate leaders took the lead on negotiations over the weekend.   
But they had only two short conversations and didn't appear to accomplish anything.

A plan currently being discussed in the senate would re-open the government and fund it at current levels for six months.  It would also raise the debt limit through January 31.
But lawmakers have so far not been able to agree on the specifics.
As a weekend of negotiations failed to produce a compromise to reopen the government and stave off default, frustration reached a boiling point in

A group of conservative military activists took to the streets,  pulling down the barricades at the closed Lincoln Memorial and carrying them more
than a mile to the White House, dumping them outside the front gate.

Joe Marler
"No one is Washington is listening. It's just frustrating.
 With just three days to go before the government hits its debt limit, there is still no deal on Capitol Hill. While Republicans have given up demands
to defund or delay Obamacare, now Democrats are pushing for an end to spending cuts from the sequester - a non-starter, Republicans say.

Sen. Lindsey Graham   R-SC    If you break the spending caps you're not getting any Republicans in the Senate. And here's what I'm worried about a deal coming out of the Senate, that a majority of Republicans can't vote for in the House, that really does compromise Speaker Boehner's leadership.)

 But all eyes remain on the Senate, in hope of a dramatic, last-minute compromise. But neither the House nor the Senate came in before mid-day today, even as the clock ticks.

Meanwhile, several states have taken matters into their own hands, reopening national parks and monuments with their own funds - eager to
recapture lost revenue from tourism. The Statue of Liberty is open, so is the Grand Canyon.

Gov. Jan Brewer   R-AZ    We are committed. But, we wish that the feds would move along and do their job.