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  • Auburn University cancels class for the day

    04/16/14 14:13:57

    Auburn University cancels classes today due to threatening message posted in a restroom. Says threat was connected to the anniversary of the Virginia Tech tragedy.

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Milton High School teaches students the dangers of distracted driving

Distracted driving is especially dangerous for teenagers.  Some local schools are aggressively trying to reinforce the deadly consequences of drinking and texting behind the wheel.

"It was crazy, you are the worst driver when you're drunk" said Chandler Daggs, Milton High School Senior.

Chandler Daggs was one of the first to experience what its like to get behind the wheel intoxicated, and many cones were knocked over while she drove the golf cart through the obstacle course.

"With the goggles it looks like everything is closer, and everything is aligned but obviously it's not because I did a bad job" said Daggs.

The intoxication goggles were a big hit amongst the students.  It is just one of the ways organizers of the Celebrate My Drive campaign hammers home the dangers of distracted driving.  Traffic crashes are the number one cause of death for teens 16 to 19 years old.

"It's that age range we know is highly prone because they don't understand the gravity of a mistake they make while they're driving" said Chad Rowell, Milton High School Assistant Principal.

The Centers for Disease Control reports almost 30 people a day die in vehicle crashes involving alcohol.  Other studies suggest, sending a text message takes a drivers attention off the road for an average of five seconds.

"I let my students in my driver's Ed class know that hey it doesn't take but a second to lose control of a vehicle while texting" said Phillip Blake, Drivers Education Instructor.

For most students, after learning what it is like to be a distracted driver, and knowing the possible outcome, they claimed theyll focus solely on the road while behind the wheel.

"Being in a car would be crazy if I was drunk, I can't imagine having to actually drive a real car, and being on the road with other people and have to encounter what I just did" said Conner McCreless, Milton High School Senior.

 "I'm a bad driver anyway, so I'm not going to get drunk and drive" said Daggs.