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Most Americans would fire all members of Congress

The latest ABC News poll finds that republicans are taking most of the heat over the shutdown.
It shows 74% of Americans disapprove of the way republicans in congress are handling the budget crisis

Three weeks into the voter shutdown and congress is seemingly no closer to a resolution.
Voters are angry and that's an understatement. 

According to a recent poll: Six out of every ten voters in the U.S want to fire every member of congress.

Social Media is covered with images and terse words lambasting congress and the president over the government shutdown,
Therapy for Scott Carothers comes from this can't miss yellow sign outside his rental company.
Venting to all passersby and customers that instead of "shutting down government, we should just burn it for the insurance money."

Scott Carothers, Bay Country Rentals   "We are really not anti-government but we are a little frustrated with the process as its going along right now."
A recent NBC/Wall Street Journal poll found that six out of every ten voters would, if they could, replace all 535 members congress right now.
Terry Schreiner, Demonstrator   "This is absolutely ridiculous that we can't come here and support our fellow veterans and they want to barricade us us out like we are criminals."

Political talk show host Anthony McCarthy says callers to his program are moving beyond words like "compromise," "talk," "do your job" that were often repeated  about members of congress when the shutdown first started three weeks ago.

Anthony McCarthy, WEAA FM     "They don't believe the answer is there anymore and that's why they keep saying throw them out because they think the folks that are there aren't going to be part of the solution."

McCarthy  has the deep sense that voters won't forget and the  2014 mid-term elections are  now just over a year away.

"There's go to be some sanity to the process."
Like a third major political party? A  recent gallup poll found that 60 percent of voters now believe that's what it will take to unlock congressional gridlock.