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Pastoral Support Care group

It's never easy being at the hospital, especially for long amounts of time.
Families often have to make tough decisions and sometimes have to say goodbye to loved ones.
Health Watch report.
When you think of a hospital, you often think of doctors, nurses, all sorts of equipment...It can be overwhelming when making a tough medical decision.  That's why there is a chapel and pastoral support to be there every step of the way.

Reverend Luann Young puts on gloves and a gown.
And visits patients everyday.  She brings hugs and a reassuring smile

Just was coming by to have a visit with the two of you.   How are you? Good, happy to hear it.

Young is the head of the Pastoral Care Staff at Sacred Heart Hospital.  She's been helping Beverly and Ray Henderson for the past four years.

I'm not gonna say its been easy, because it ain't been easy.
Ray has congestive heart failure and chronic kidney disease.  They've had to make tough decisions, but Reverend Young has made it a little easier for them.  Holding their hands

Lord may you love and peace envelope Ray and Bev.
And helping them pray for answers.
She's been through my worst trials with me, how can you not be close...

The Pastoral Staff becomes family for many of the patients.  They are often a constant companion during some of the toughest times....

If you just want someone to sit, they'll sit there, never in a hurry.  Just somebody who is there, a smiling loving face

We are there for everything from birth to death.  Met patients I met on first day of diagnosis, been here for when they say look at me, how great I'm doing, from being on the bedside when they pass away, its hard

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