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WRAP-UP: Crestview High school lock-down

CRESTVIEW  --  Crestview - A terrifying few hours for some parents Friday morning after a Crestview High School administrator received information that an explosive device could be on campus.

While the grounds were searched, parents and students waited for information. Around 9:30 Friday morning Okaloosa County Deputies and Crestview Police scoured the grounds of Crestview High School looking for any explosive devices.  Around 11:30 their search was complete and nothing was found.
"It's scary to think that stuff hits a small town like Crestview," said James Martin.
"The parking lot filled up rather quickly here at Crestview High School
Parents stood around the school grounds and community center waiting for news about their children.
As soon as the bomb threat was terminated parents started to come and pick up their students from classes, but many of them say they're still concerned about how the situation  was handled."

Regina Tebow  "This is a big issue they went about this all the wrong way."
Connie Blont  "This is mayhem this is ridiculous."
"Not knowing what's going on with them, it's just kind of nerve-racking, but I trust the school board and I trust the school administration," said Mylon McCaloun.

Nick Kootsouradis Asst. Superintendent  'We knew that the gym was clear and the gym was not an area of concern and so we made the decision to keep the kids in the possibility the sky would open up on us we took them into the gym which was already cleared and we knew it was safe."

Okaloosa County Assistant Superintendent says his two sons were inside the school and felt confidant about the districts crisis plan.

 "At no time did I feel my sons were in danger. We took the appropriate steps we followed the crisis plan and in my opinion at no time were the kids in danger."

Fifteen year old Tristan Martin was inside when the school went into lockdown. He says students were taken to the football stadium then moved to the gym, but were never evacuated from the school.
"Me and my friends were all worried," said Martin.
"It was a mess. I was anxious and nervous," said Cailey Wendel.   
Cailey Wendel says students weren't told what was happening. Until the threat was over.
"It was crazy. I mean they weren't telling us what was going on so we all had to assume what we wanted to assume and it was long, it was a mess," said Wendel.
One student was questioned by deputies. Then released.
No charges have been filed. The Okaloosa County Sheriffs Office says this is an ongoing investigation.

"Although the Okaloosa School Board says they feel their crisis plan went well today they say there is a always  room for improvement. "