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Santa Rosa Sheriff's Office in need of new vehicles

SANTA ROSA COUNTY  --  The Santa Rosa Sheriff's Office says many of its patrol cars are just too old.
In fact, over 100 of them have racked up over 100,000 miles.
Most police cruisers are retired once they reach 90 to 100,000 miles.  Here in Santa Rosa County, some cruisers have over 200,000 miles, and the Sheriff's office wants to replace them.

Santa Rosa Sheriff's Office have 290-vehicles in its fleet.
Of their street cruisers, 127 of them have over 100,000 miles some over 200,000.

"200,000 miles is a lot of miles on a car that's for sure and if they need the cars they should definitely spend the money on it" said Ed Holtman, Santa Rosa County Resident.

Santa Rosa Sheriff's Office used to cycle out its vehicles after 3 to 4 years of service.  Since the sheriff's office has been on a tight budget, they now cycle old cars out, once it costs too much to maintain them.

Police cars suffer wear and tear much faster than most cars,  after all they're usually running up to 10-hours a day,  and at times are pushed to the limit.
In an emergency the last thing a deputy needs is for their car to breakdown.

"When it's time to use it for emergency services, the last thing you want to do is have a break down.  We just can't afford that, when someone calls us we need to get there fast, safely and on time"  said Rich Aloy, Santa Rosa Sheriff's Office.

It costs around 27,000 dollars to buy a new cruiser, and have it retrofitted with lights, radios, sirens and other gadgets.

The sheriff's office usually hand over surplus money in its budget back to county commissioners to go into the general fund.

This year, they hope some of that money can be used to buy at least 20 new vehicles.

"They keep crime off our streets and all of that, and you can't do it without them" said Charles Hunter, Santa Rosa County Resident.

Santa Rosa Sheriff plans to work with county commissioners to come up with a plan to pay for more vehicles.