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Tropical Storm Bertha formed over the Atlantic Thursday night and is heading west-northwest.  It has winds of 45 miles per hour and is not forecast to become a hurricane. The storm is not forecast to move into the Gulf of Mexico.



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Stores busy, people stock on hurricane supplies

PENSACOLA -- Many stores are busy today, with people stocking up on their hurricane supplies. The food in your kitchen is always a good place to start, to see what you still need to buy.
Stocking up your kitchen with non-perishable food items like these canned meats will make weathering the storm much easier.
The Apple Market has had a steady flow of customers coming to pick up a few items to prepare for tropical storm Karen.
It's recommended to have non-perishable packaged or canned food that can last for about a week. ...which will prove useful, especially if the power goes out.
Packaged fruits, juices that you can drink at room temperature and quick snacks are all good items to put in your grocery cart as you prepare.
Betty Sparks has lived on the gulf coast her entire life, and is ready to go.
Sparks said, Water bottles are thin and they will break, but the milk cartons are heavy and I have all those filled with water and they've been frozen and I have about three or four in each freezer, and then Im going to get some ice and that's it."
It's a good idea to get food with long expiration dates so you can stash them away for long periods of time.