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Your Three Cents: Do you believe the minimum driving age should be raised?

YOUR THREE CENTS:  A survey just released by "Rasmussen Reports"  finds that most Americans believe the legal driving age in the U.S. should be raised.

38 percent of the people polled last week  believe that 16 years old is fine.
That's the age most states allow teens to drive, usually with restrictions.
But 56 percent of the people surveyed believe a higher age is preferable.
20 percent favor 17, 32 percent favor 18 and 4 percent would like to see the age raised to 21.
Supporters of a higher driving age believe young drivers are too easily distracted and the roads would be safer.

Opponents say younger teens need transportation more than ever before, and that driving is an important part of maturing.

But federal numbers show that traffic crashes are the leading cause of death for U.S. teenagers.
Drivers between 16 and 19, male and female, have the highest average annual crash rate, and the highest rate of traffic violations compared to any other age group.
15 year old's can get their permits in both Alabama and Florida.
While you have to be 18 to get your full driving privileges in Florida, you can get them at 16 1/2 in Alabama.
A few states offer permits to teens as young as 14.... and full driving privileges as young as 14 1/2.

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