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Swampmaster show at the Pensacola Interstate Fair

The "Swampmaster" is in town and performing  at the Pensacola Interstate Fair.

No geriatric gators for the Swampmaster.  This guy is fresh out of Lake Okeechobee ready to rumble.

"I let an alligator be an alligator.  I bring one here that really has a shot at me.  He's jumping, snapping and he really wants to bite me."

Jeff Quattrocchi has the scars to show for the 14 times a gators gotten hold of him.
Jeff calls himself an alligator wrangler, not a wrestler.  He focuses on showing the reptiles' natural aggressive behavior.

Forklift in the water, nat sound of water dripping
"Forklift" is Jeff's Apprentice. at his very first show -- the Swampmaster got snapped.

"Shocking.  For a first event, shocking.  Now, if he were to get bit, I know exactly what to do."

Which is.
"Run in.  Hopefully distract the alligator.  Trying to get him off of him, poke him and maybe he'll come after me."

After about 12 shows -- the duo trades out gators. 
"I put these all on my pond when we're done.  It's a no kill pond, just live out their lives."

Even the ones that leave  flesh wounds their the only gators Jeff names.
"Tap Out" is his most famous foe -- a nine footer he's especially fond of..

"Tap out.  He's the king of my pond.  I let him go happily.  The Fish and Game Commission wanted to put him down after he bit me but I rallied and not let that happen.  He was doing what he's supposed to do."
The Swampmaster is in talks with reality show producers about turning his act into a national program.
"There's a lot of interest in alligators these days.  A lot of shows on TV, but I think we bring something just a little bit different and i think we'll be a big show."