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Two Day "Undefeated Bike Ride"

FORT WALTON BEACH   --  With one of the most dangerous jobs in the military, bomb disposal units have suffered a lot of casualties and injuries.
This weekend, a group of cyclists will test their limits, in an effort to help those troops.
The "Two-Day Undefeated Bike Ride".

Laura Hussey "Can you imagine riding this for 200 miles, from Niceville to Panama City? Here's the good part, it is extra light. Here's the bad part, look at this seat  There's no padding on that seat!"
You can tell by looking these guys are up for a challenge.
As members of the military's Explosive Ordnance Disposal community, they spent their careers defusing bombs and Improvised Explosive Devices.

Melissa Tackitt "We all help and bond and take care of each other, and we promise we'll never forget and we will always maintain that connection"
Melissa Tackitt is retired EOD too.
Now she works with the EOD Warrior Foundation, organizing fundraising events like the Gulf Coast Two-Day Undefeated Bike Ride.

Melissa "Even if you come back and you're wounded or if you are fallen and  you don't come back, you're still part of the family. Your family is part of our family"       
The cyclists will ride from the EOD Memorial in Niceville, to Panama City, and back again.
Each rider raises a thousand dollars for the privilege of pedaling almost two-hundred miles in two days.
Volunteer Coordinator Mike Harris says there's satisfaction in preparing for the physical challenge, as well as raising the money.

Mike "The best thing is to see, being the organizer, being able to see looks on the faces of the people, they're part of a cause that's bigger than them" 
Harris says many of the riders are seasoned athletes, but 200 miles is still 200 miles.

They gain strength from the bonds they share as EOD Techs from all branches of service.

Laura Hussey "Sunday morning the riders will be on Highway 98, otherwise they'll use secondary highways, just keep your eyes open."

If you'd like more information on the Undefeated Bike Ride,  just go to our website and click on Newslinks