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BREAKING NEWS: Two American sailors kidnapped off coast of Nigeria

NIGERIA   --  Two US men are missing this morning, after being kidnapped from a ship off the coast of Nigeria Thursday.
What the US government is doing about the situation.
Terror on the high seas.
It happened shortly after dawn. Pirates stormed the American supply ship,

The C-Retriever, kidnapping two Americans.
Military officials say the crew was sorted by nationality and only the two Americans -- the ship's Captain and chief engineer -- were taken

Jack Cloonan, Former FBI Special Agent:  "[if] You take an American, you get a good price. But at the same time you bring a lot of heat on you too."

The Americans were likely taken to land where they'll be held for ransom.

Jack Cloonan, Former FBI Special Agent    "If it's on land, it's very problematic. Let's be frank, this is going to be a negotiated process. It's not going to be a rescue attempt."

The C-Retriever is an oil supply vessel.
It's last known position was on the western side of Africa, about 15 miles off the coast of Nigeria.
Thirty-percent of US oil comes through those waters, making it a prime target for piracy.

Grant Goldin, SEAL Security Solutions
"On the west coast, those pirates tend to be more of a criminal element, tend to be more organized and tend to be far more violent."

Officials say the U.S. is closely monitoring the situation.
But there are no plans for a military rescue, like the dramatic one portrayed in the hit movie "Captain Phillips" -- when US Navy Seals saved
the captain from Somali pirates.

The actual Captain, Richard Phillips, says dealing with pirates comes with commanding a vessel.

Phillips   "If you don't want to deal with piracy, you need to get another job."
A government official briefed on the situation says American authorities are treating the case as a potential kidnapping-for-ransom, not an act of terrorism.