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Floridians health insurance may change due to Affordable Care Act

About 300,000 people in Florida will see their health insurance dropped due to rules brought on by the Affordable Care Act also called Obamacare.

The new healthcare law requires health insurance policies to meet certain guidelines, for those policies that don't measure up insurance companies like Florida Blue are dropping them.

Kathryn Webb and her husband have part time jobs without health insurance through their employers.  She works as a waitress and as a piano instructor.  Her husband works at a local grocery store.

"Only allowing him 25 hours a week because if they allow him more they will have to provide him with health benefits" said Kathryn Webb, Health Insurance Canceled.

Living on a tight budget, the $82 dollars a month they paid for health coverage was doable. 

"My husband and I were getting perfectly fine coverage, we both have preexisting conditions, we had the things covered that we needed covered" said Webb.

The last thing she wanted to see was a latter from her health insurance carrier, Florida Blue, saying their current policy would be canceled due to the Affordable Care Act and instead they would be paying more.

"Our premium would be 497 dollars a month, and that's not exactly in our price range" said Webb.

Under the new healthcare law, insurance companies can grandfather some of their existing health plans, even if they don't meet the new requirements.  Florida Blue dropped 80% of its health care plans leaving thousands of customers to either upgrade their plan or find a new one by January 1, 2014 deadline.

"It'll probably be more affordable for us to pay the tax penalty and to go back to the charity organization and ask for help from them again" said Webb.

Kathryn says they found a plan on the health insurance marketplace that would cost them $178 dollars a month, which she still considers a stretch for their budget.

Kathryn says in the coming months, she and her husband will continue to look for cheaper health insurance that's more in line with their budget.