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Three children taken from home after toddler found wandering a mile from home

ESCAMBIA COUNTY    --  Three children have been removed from their home  after a three year old was found walking along train tracks.

Escambia County deputies say, a school bus driver found the toddler walking near Highway 95 and Pauline Street, Monday morning.
His parents are now facing charges.
These are the train tracks the three year old was found crossing. If he had started his journey from his home he walked about a mile to get here.
Many are calling the bus driver who discovered him a hero.
Daisy Robinson has been driving buses for the Escambia County School District for nearly 11-years.
Monday morning started off as a normal day until Daisy and her students spotted a young child near the train tracks.
She stopped the bus and looked for the parents who were no where to be found.
Daisy Robinson  "Your heart goes out to little kids and stuff and you see this baby on the side of the road. Something wrong if the parents aren't there then something is wrong."
Daisy placed a call to the district and but the child on the bus where she took him to meet deputies .
She and her students gave the child snacks and waited at  the Circle K down the road.

"You know the baby was upset and my girls on the bus kind of calmed him down."
When Escambia deputies arrived they had a good idea who the child was because his parents had placed a 911 call stating their child had been missing for thirty minutes.

"He didn't want to get off the bus, so she had to talk him into getting off the bus with her just to take him home."

When deputies walked into the home they found roaches everywhere and no food or drinks in the refrigerator.
A deputy even noted in the report the child was dirty and smelled.
After further investigation parents Cynthia Godwin and Michael Godwin were arrested and charged with three counts of child neglect.
Cynthia told deputies the Department of Children of Families had visited her home on numerous occasions. The last time they visited was a month ago.
The three year old was placed in the care of a family friend along with two other children. 

Many in the neighborhood were outraged to hear about the three year old wondering the streets.

Joseph Venable "If you're going to have a child it comes with responsibilities and if you're not willing to have those responsibilities then you shouldn't have the child."

"God makes sure he puts us where we need to be at and he out me there."
Both Cynthia and Michael Goodwill are in the Escambia County Jail with no bond.