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Facts on getting a flu shot before flu season

A  woman wants to know why you should get a flu shot *now -- when nobody is sick with the flu??

It's true -- there are no reported major flu outbreaks yet this year --
So why get the vaccine right now?
Dr. Matt Birkle/ Emergency Medicine
That's an excellent question, it's very important to get the flu shot prior to the flu season, and so the recommendation is that most people should get it as soon as the vaccination is available, and the CDC says it should occur during the month of October.

Doctor Matt Birkle is an emergency medicine expert who says it takes about two weeks for your body  to build immunity after you get the vaccine --so you don't want to wait until the flu is actually going around.

You can lower your odds of catching it by frequent handwashing, and by staying away from those who are sick -- but Doctor Birkle admits: The flu vaccination is the best way to protect yourself and to prevent you from carrying it to your loved ones or someone around you.

So of course since I think it's important to practice everything you preach, which I do, except getting enough sleep maybe, so I'm gonna have Jeff give me a flu shot, I am gonna use my left arm, I am right handed but since I know you can have a little muscle soreness, I am gonna use my left arm, he's telling me to relax, yeah, ooh .. Didn't even feel that -- good job.

It is now recommended for all healthy people six months and older -- and you do need a new vaccine every year.

You can get the nasal mist if you don't want the vaccine in a shot --and the protection is just as good.

Get it now and you are protected for this years whole flu season.. which is usually through late March.

In some cases there is a co-pay with the shot, and there is expected to be enough vaccine for everyone who needs it.
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