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Government shutdown goes on to fifth day

The partial shutdown of the federal government is in its fifth day -- and both sides are still at odds -- with no resolution in sight. But in a Saturday session of the House of Representatives -- another bill was passed -- this one with unanimous consent.
It was a rare unanimous agreement in the House of Representatives on a federal budget issue. By a vote of four hundred seven to none the house approved giving furloughed government workers retroactive pay once the government reopens. But when representatives from both sides of the aisle talked about resolving the shutdown as a whole, the sides were still far apart.
Eric cantor said, The disagreement is on that special treatment under Obamacare, our position on Obamacare is very simple, no special treatment under the law. it is to delay the individual mandate  and for everything else we are funding this government.
Pelosi said, The idea that they were going to defund, overturn or delay the Affordable Care Act, that's not going to happen. As I said to my colleagues yesterday, that's like saying, 'give me your firstborn child, and then we'll talk about the rest of the family.' that's just not going to happen.
Meanwhile Secretary of Defense Hagel says he's bringing back as many civilian employees as possible whether the shutdown is over or not. He says he'll use the pay our military act  that was approved before the shutdown to return workers who contribute to the morale, well-being, and readiness of the military.
And house democrats say 200 of their members have signed a letter calling for a vote on a clean budget bill. They also claim they've heard from several republicans who want the same
Hoyer said, The letter that the leader referred to with 200 democrats on it indicates that clearly in my view right now there are enough people to pass a government opening funding bill."
But republicans still blame senate democrats saying they are not taking up the house funding bills.
Meanwhile the proposal to provide back pay for furloughed workers is expected to pass the senate but there's no timetable on when senators will take it up.