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Responsibility for fixing potholes on local roadways

ESCAMBIA COUNTY   --  A viewer reached out to Channel Three News, asking for help with a pot hole problem plaguing business owners along Navy Boulevard in Pensacola.   

It's a sort of pot hole-filled no man's land.
Huge pot holes dotting this paved area just off the street.

Some of the businesses will fill in the pot holes, but it's not completely clear if that is even legal.

We talked to Escambia County, and they say the state is responsible for this road, and the maintenance. They do cover about five feet off of the roadway.

But the pot holes like these, and the rain when it hits here, leaves these businesses vulnerable.

"The state goes out to a certain point. I think it's where the blacktop is nice. And then where it gets nasty, it's county. And the county is, I believe, who came out when the drains clogged up. But from there back...that's confusing too," Karin Feagles, Time and Time Again Antiques.

And that's been the story for Karin Feagles and other business owners here.
They lease the space, and battle the condition of these makeshift parking lots.

Massive pot holes, potential safety issues and flooding.
Wondering who is responsible...

"Obviously, the building and the front of it is ours and his, as a tenant. But from this standpoint, which is 30-40 feet away from the building. He thought it was the county, but he wasn't sure. But somebody needs to address it. It is a bad situation," says Steve Hill, Robert F. Henry Tile Company.

The county is working with the Florida Department of Transportation, and wants to bring in business owners and building landlords, to find a solution until a planned Navy Boulevard redesign and beautification down the road.

"Ideally, just to have a smooth surface where you can pull your car in, get out of your car, not step in a puddle that looks like it's this deep...but is actually this deep," says Feagles

Businesses along this stretch of Navy Boulevard would like the opportunity to either take care of these pot holes themselves, or in a perfect world have the state step in and maintain this area.