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House and Senate budget battle continues

The government shutdown is over -- but we may be heading for round two? Lawmakers only were able to restart things this week by passing a bill to fund the government through January 15th.

Now a budget battle  between the house and senate will continue.

The 16-day shutdown is over and furloughed workers are back to work and national parks and zoos reopened,

All seems to be back to normal in Washington, D.C, but is it?

The government is now funded through January 15th.

But the clock is ticking for a new budget plan.

Many Americans' are skeptical the government can't agree on a deal in just a few months.

"Both republicans and democrats cannot get along, and honestly I have no faith in them."

"They should be able to sit down like sensible people and settle things."

Going forward the budget conference committee will try and blend a senate and house budget plan by December 13th.

If they aren't successful we could enter another government shutdown.

"We should sit down and pursue a balanced approach to a responsible budget."

Easier said then done as we have seen on Capitol Hill.

Tea Party Senator Ted Cruz is back for round two.

In an interview expected to air on ABC's "This Week", he didn't  rule out shutting down the government a second time.

"I will continue to do anything I can to stop the train wreck that is Obamacare."

Aside from Obamacare funding -- republicans may also halt plans that raise taxes.

And they will push for lower government spending and changes to entitlement programs.

This won't bode well for the senate budget plan that includes tax increases.

So now its another waiting game to see if the house and senate can come to a compromise before the last hour.