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Federal Government Shutdown

It's official -- the federal government is shut down.

Democrats and republicans failed to agree on a last-minute deal.

 After a flurry of activity and back and forth votes...

The house and senate reached a stalemate. 

And the clock struck midnight.

You can voice your opinion by calling our senators and representatives. We`ve added all of their contact information at this link:


What felt inevitable all day is now a reality.

For the first time since 1995, the federal government is shutdown.

The republican-controlled house passed budgets that included defunding or delaying obamacare, which is set to begin tuesday.

The democratic-controlled senate struck down each proposal, refusing to tie the budget to the new health care law. 

So...Now what? 

--you might have a tougher time renewing your passport.

--that trip you planned to a national park or museum may not happen.

--and if you're a veteran, some services may be disrupted. 

What *won't* be impacted:

--social security checks will still arrive on time.

--so will your mail... The postal service will remain open.

--and most law enforcement agencies like the fbi and dea will keep operating.

So it's no surprise americans appear to be fed up with congress -- with an approval rating of 10 percent... A new all-time low.

The question now is... Which side blinks first?