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National Intelligence Director says countries do indeed spy on each other

National Intelligence Director James Clapper testified before congress that nations do indeed spy on each other's leaders and calls it a longtime practice in the intelligence world.
Today a delegation of senior German officials is meeting at the White House with Clapper and the president's National Security Adviser.

More tough questions today - surrounding the NSA's controversial surveillance programs.

One week after reports surfaced saying the US tapped the personal cellphone of German Chancellor Angela Merkel for years...German officials - want
answers- visiting the White House today.

Meeting with: President Obama's  Counterterrorism and National Security Advisors, as well as- director of National Intelligence James Clapper
...with a strong message:

APTN: Elmar Brok verbatim: Never spy on your friends
Clapper- testified before the House Intelligence Committee yesterday defending the NSA's practices.

Clapper We do not spy on anyone except for valid foreign intelligence purposes, and we only work within the law.

He went on to say spying on allies' leaders is a longtime practice in the Intelligence world.
But to some members of the European Parliament - also meeting with White House officials today that's unacceptable.

APTN: Claude Moraes verbatim: We shouldn't just say spying has always existed therefore it should always exist.

ABC News has confirmed reports that USs intelligence has listened in on the phone conversations of the leaders of 35 American allied countries --

Citizens' calls in Spain and France- tapped as well
But the head of the NSA - says, that data was collected by intelligence agencies in those countries then shared with the NSA.

Still, the lingering questions about the *US's spy tactics drawing harsh and continued criticism..
Republicans and democrats now calling for a congressional review.