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Charlie Crist to runner for governor as democrat

TALLAHASSEE   --  Former Florida Governor Charlie Crist says he wants his old job back. But unlike before when he was a republican, this time Crist will run on the democratic ticket.
Local reaction from the Escambia County Elections Office in Downtown Pensacola.
Kalie Desimone-
One year from today we will know who is moving into the governor's mansion.

As former republican Charlie Crist was finishing up his morning announcement that he was running against the governor, the state GOP was circulating an email with a new web site and TV ad bashing the former GOP governor.

Charlie Crist
"Yea I'm running as a democrat."
Governor Rick Scott has been laying the ground work for the attack for months, blaming Crist for the economic downturn and taking credit for making the economy better.

Rick Scott  June 14, 2013
"We shouldn't have a downturn, we shouldn't have lost those 832 thousand jobs before I became governor."

Democrats say the early attacks may actually help convince a skeptical democratic base that CrIst is now one of them. Rick Scott however,  vows to spend a hundred million dollars to be re-elected. People here in northwest Florida have mixed reactions on Crist's announcement.

Richard Coffey- Voter
"I used to like him when he was a republican. Now that he's not a republican, it's neither good nor bad for me but I wouldn't vote for him."

"We need the lines to be blurred a little more. I don't think everyone is right or left. I think the line is more of a zig-zag. We need someone who can work with both parties. He knows what he's doing. He's done it before."

Kalie Desimone-
The 2014 governor's race is expected to be the most expensive in state history.