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Vote 2013 results nationwide

(ABC)  Races across the country and gubernatorial fights from New Jersey to Virginia are setting the stage for bigger fights to come.
Two states - two very different outcomes for republicans.
In New Jersey, Chris Christie won re-election in a landslide! A 22 point republican win in a state President Obama won by 17 points, just last year.

Christie cruised to victory with a coalition that's rare for his party - he won a majority of women latino seven one-third of democrats!

Christie - Now listen, I know that if we can do this in Trenton,  New Jersey maybe the folks in Washington DC should tune into their TVs right now. See how it's done.

Christie has been coy about his 2016 presidential aspirations.  But last night, it looked like he was laying the groundwork. And casting himself as an
 electable alternative to tea party republicans.

Christie - A dispirited America angry with the dysfunction in Washington, looks to New Jersey 'Is what I think happening really happening.

In Virginia - a blow to the tea party.

Clinton confidante and democratic money man terry McAuliffe pulled out the governor's race over republican Ken Cuccinelli.

It was a brutal, nasty race. McAuliffe vastly overspent Cuccinelli, who faced significant doubts about his conservative ideology - and skepticism
about the tea party.

Terry McAuliffe  - It was a choice about whether Virginia would continue the bipartisan tradition that has served us so well over the last decade.

Rick Klein
Hundreds of cities across the nation elected mayors. In New York, Bill Deblasio won in a landslide to become the first democrat to lead that city in two decades.