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Attempted kidnapping

Milton Police are investigating an attempted kidnapping involving two young girls.

Police say the girls were between the ages of five and six. It happened on the 5000 block of Birch Street. Police tell us, two young girls were outside their home when a man tried to lure them into his car.

The home where this happened is at a dead end street.

Neighbors say they don't usually see cars drive down this way.
The mother of those two girls did not want to talk to us on camera.But neighbors are upset something like this happened in their neighborhood.

Two young girls were playing outside their home, when they say a man drove up next to them. Police say, the man tried to lure them into his car by telling them he could help find their mother.The girls screamed and ran inside the home,  where another family member was.

"I'm glad nothing happened to them. they are real sweet girls, but yeah, it's a shock," said neighbor Burlan Medders.

Burlan Medders lives next door. He says the girls like to play outside and while their mother is working, their great aunt watches them. Medders has a four-year-old son, and although he keeps a watchful eye on him, this attempted kidnapping has him nervous.

"It's not the kinda thing you expect in a small town... something like this."

Medders is happy the two girls knew how to react when the man tried to lure them.
"It speaks volumes of the mother and the father to prepare their children in case something like this happens, you know, stranger danger."

Medders says there are plenty of children in the neighborhood. Most like to play outside. For the most part, this area is quiet. Once in awhile there will be some petty crimes, but never anything like this.

"That's a high risk crime you certainly have to worry about. we know that society these days is not exactly what we would like for it to be... mistreating our children," said Julie Bowman.

Police are asking for your help and finding this man. They don't have an exact description of the car, but say it's a green SUV. He's a white male with black hair and a gray beard.