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JFK film remembrance

A local couple at one of President Kennedy's final speeches before his assassination have pictures to remember the occasion.
Those pictures have been turned into a rare remembrance of special memories.

As flags fly at half staff around the nation to mark he 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, one local couple showed us their very unique connection to that history.

A plain box in Lee and Nancy Jackson's home tells the story of the President's final hours.
The day before he was assassinated, he spoke at Brooks Air Force base in Texas.
The Jacksons were there. They had no idea that speech would be one of Kennedy's final two.

 Nancy Jackson said, "You know that day I was like 'ohh, i saw the President today."

Lee Jackson, and everyone who helped organize the President's appearance on the base were given a packet of pictures as a token of appreciation,
The pictures were of the ceremony itself, mementos of the historic occasion.
One shows Kennedy speaking at a podium, his wife adoring him from the stage. In another the first couple ride away after the ceremony's conclusion.
Nancy says she remembers that, though the next day, it's significance was heightened.

Nancy Jackson said, "We went home really happy that night, and glad that we were there, and we'd been done something and been some place. It was probably a note in history, but we didn't know what kind of a note it turned out to be."

Lee Jackson was a Colonel helping organize the ceremony. He says coverage of the anniversary can be overwhelming.
Lee Jackson said, "If I'm watching, and I don't really watch that much of it. If I'm watching any of the video on that, I get a lump in my throat, and I start to tear up."

Jackson said the pictures help him remember the President positively, as a great leader.
"If there was magic in Kennedy, that was it. He could show you the mountaintop, and say 'this is the direction to get there.'"

Their most powerful memory of that day?
Nancy Jackson "we were there..."

The Jacksons say that they are honored to have shared one of JFK's final Presidential occasions.