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The latest from Philippines and devastation from Typhoon Haiyan

PHILIPPINES   --   The devastation caused in the Philipines by Typhoon Haiyan is worse than originally thought.
The estimated death toll is climbing into five figures -- and property damage is catastrophic.
Power and communication outages are widespread -- making rescue and relief efforts an ordeal in themselves.

The view from the air over the Philippines today shows coastal villages in shreds, debris scattered everywhere, dwellings torn apart.  In some areas
 there is simply nothing left
We are getting images of the first moments one of the strongest storms to make landfall, came ashore this one from the Filipino broadcaster showing the very instant a wall of water -- estimated at 20 feet -- came crashing into Taclaban..
Another one captured by American storm chaser Jim Edds, the moment Haiyan made impact.

Edds   Stuff was flying over the top.  It blew hard, it blew for hours and it didn't let up. it was certainly the strongest wind I've ever been in.  At one point, jumping into a swimming pool to dodge the 195-miles per hour winds. When it was all over, he took pictures of the destruction

Jim Edds    The guy, he was holding a dead girl in his arms, probably about 8 years old and he was crying and he said we lost 10 kids here. and he said we don't know what to do,

American volunteer student - Simon Kurzban-- says the damage is overwhelming
 "Dead bodies all over the place."
Desperate survivors, seeking food and water are running out of time

The UN, The Red Cross and US Marines are among those working to get food, supplies, and shelter to nearly 500,000 people now homeless and in the midst of misery a sign of hope

Behind me, even in this destroyed building, life goes on, and women are coming here to have their babies helped by military doctors.