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Pace man fights off home invaders

A Pace man fights back after two intruders break into his home.

It happened Saturday just after 3 in the morning on the 4400 block of Jernigan Road.

Channel Three's Jenise Fernandez spoke with the victim and has more

Bill Robertson lives just down Jernigan Road, with his daughter and two other people.
He moved in just two weeks ago and never expected this unwelcome surprise

Bill Robertson woke up to his daughter's screams at around 3:30, Saturday morning.
When he ran into her bedroom, he saw a man wearing a black hooded sweater and a hockey mask trying to attack his daughter. He says the intruder had a gun.
When he turned around, he saw another man in the hallway.

"I rushed the one standing in the hallway, shoulder blocked him, and we crashed into my daughter's bedroom on the floor."

The two began fighting each other. Robertson says at that point, he was acting on pure adrenaline.

"Parent defending their children. When I heard her scream I really wasn't concerned with my welfare as much as I was concerned with my daughter's welfare."

Robertson was hit several times in the head by a bat the intruder had with him.
You can see the stitches on his head.
Robertson says the family hasn't been the same since the break in,

"We're all on nerve. Cars are in and out.. Looking out the window."

But despite being on edge, Robertson sleeps with a bat next to him and is prepared to defend his home.

"Oh heck yeah. I'll be going out and purchasing a weapon. I can guarantee you that."

Nothing was taken from home.
Robertson says he doesn't know why his family was targeted.
The Sheriff's Office is looking for those two suspects and continues to investigate.
Reporting in Santa Rosa County, Jenise Fernandez, Channel Three News.