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More controversy surrounding "Stand your Ground"

FLORIDA  --  More controversy is brewing around the state's Stand your Ground law.
There's a new case, this time, involving a woman -- convicted of firing what she called a warning shot at her husband.
Marissa Alexander's case is drawing comparisons to George Zimmerman.
Except -- she's in jail.
This is my life I'm fighting for.  This is my life.

But Marissa Alexander's immediate fight now is for her temporary freedom while she waits for a new trial.  Alexander has been behind bars for more than a thousand days- on aggravated assault charges after firing a single bullet into the wall - she says to scare off her abusive husband. She was found guilty - but the conviction was reversed in September and she has since been granted a new trial.  In this motion, Alexander's attorneys call her pretrial release on bond "urgent"-  in part because the 33-year-old woman "has not had regular access to her three-and-a-half year old daughter" since she was 6 months old.  Lawyers for Alexander's estranged husband Rico Gray have concerns.

"She had bond once on this case and she went over to my client's house and she gave him a black eye and got arrested, though she was told to stay away from my client so I don't think he necessarily wants her to have a bond again.

Alexander's attorney says the couple is finalizing their divorce and not in contact.  Even if Alexander is set free- she still faces -  3 counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon - a felony - that carries a mandatory minimum sentence of 20 years in prison.  Prosecutors say Alexander is a criminal, a woman who driven by anger, shot at her husband - Gray- in front of his two sons in a fit of rage.  Alexander maintains she is the victim and her decision to fire one shot -a warning - in the middle of an altercation was the only choice she had to save her life.

I believe when he threatened to kill me, that's what he was going to do. And had I not discharged my weapon at that point, I would not be here..

An appellate court reversed the jury's guilty verdict earlier this year, citing an error with the jury instructions on self-defense.