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Cell phones on flight

Passengers seem split on a new proposal facing the Federal Communications Commission in December.  If the proposal goes through, it would allow passengers to make cell phone calls during flight, but not for take-offs and landings. 

"As long as it doesn't mess with the plane; they've got phones on the plane anyway that you put your credit card in so why not a cell phone" said James Story, Traveler.

"The plane is crowded and noisy as it is, and to add phones to it, I think it would be very unpleasant" said Linnette Storm, Traveler.

The FCC has banned the use of mobile wireless devices for years.  There was concern the devices would interfere with communication systems on the plane.  The agency now feels today's technology can be used safely.  In-flight phone calls could be expensive for customers, around a couple bucks per minute.

"When you're strapped in and you can't go anywhere, it makes for a long flight.  Flights are long enough as they are" said Macella O'Connor, Traveler.

Many airlines have equipped their planes to handle Wi-Fi service; an added modification would make phone calls possible.  The idea is not a new concept; several countries around the world already allow cell phone use on some of its flights.

"Right now it's working pretty well because I'm able to keep in contact with my daughter, but I don't know how I'd feel if I wanted to sleep on the plane and somebody's having a long conversation" said Cathy Coetzee, Traveler.

If the proposal is passed, it will still be up to individual airlines to allow its passengers to talk and text above 10,000 feet.