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Retired Angels help turn around Dixon School of Arts

ESCAMBIA COUNTY   --  Linda Scott;  I was in the educational field for a total of 35 years.
Modeste;  I was in education for 35 years.
Wendy;  All total, 35 years.
Rev. May;  35, 35, 35; 105 years of experience.

When Rev. Lutimothy May was looking for help to turn around the struggling Dixon School, he says divine intervention led him to three "Retired" Angels whose experiences had taken them from the classroom, to district positions and principal's offices.

Rev. LuTimothy May, Director, Dixon School of the Arts;  They were all continuing to look for purpose in their lives and as soon as I made the question and the ask, they said, We're ready.

There is Linda Scott.
Linda;  They needed someone to believe in them, someone to be their cheerleader and their champion.  Someone to  encourage them.  And I thought that was one of the things that I could do.

There is Modeste McCorvey.
Modeste McCorvey;  All they needed was someone to say, "good morning", or someone to give them a hug or someone to say, "I can help you with that."

And Dr. Wendy Bennett.
Wendy;  I just love being a part of anything that allows you to be creative in the ways you get the best out of youngsters.

Dr. Wendy Bennett;  It's what I do.  It's what I do.
These ladies use the tried and true from "back in the day" as well as innovation to reach their "scholars" as they call them here at Dixon School of the Arts.

Linda;  A chance that on this journey I could take them with me and pretty much, give them some experiences that they had not had.  And once they had these experiences, they could start seeing and visualizing what they could do.

Jalen Floyd, 3rd Grader;  We went on a Dolphin watch.  And the captain was named Captain Men.
He told us a scary story about the lighthouse.
Jalen;  It was super fun.  And everybody believed there was a ghost in there but I don't believe that.

Makayla , 6th Grader;  We can discover more about the world.  Like, our next field trip is going to be about the wars that have been going on in the world.  Why wars have been started and why there shouldn't be any wars.

Wendy;  And no matter where I go in the building, it's the same excitement about what's going on here.  And that just keeps you here.

The circumstances of some of the children weight heavily on their hearts.  There was one troubled little boy in particular.

Modeste;  But he knew that he could always come to me.  Somehow he developed that sense of trust that I was there and he would always find me.  And that was a reason for me to get up every morning and go to Dixon.

Rev. May;  They brought love.  They brought history.  They brought experience.  And, we really needed someone who make a difference in the life of a child, not just to educate.

Wendy;  It's ministry.  It's ministry.  It's doing what we were put here to do.
And from that, they say they "can't" retire.

Angels in our Midst is brought to you by Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.