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SCAM ALERT: Trusting Craigslist

During the holidays people are always looking for good deals.
Websites like Craigslist are popular but also risky.
Who tried to sell her wedding dress online and almost became a victim.
Erica Dake - Craigslist User
"My husband and I are about to celebrate our 15th anniversary, so it's a successful wedding dress (laughs)"

Erica Dake's 700 dollar wedding dress has been cast away in closets, since 1998.
She felt it was time to get rid of her once prized possession.

Since she's a regular on Craigslist, she thought nothing of selling the dress online.

Her asking price, 2 to 700 dollars.
After a few weeks, Erica got a bite.
A woman claimed she wanted to buy the dress for her niece, and without seeing it in person...
"She wanted to send me a check which made me a little nervous"
Erica noticed more red flags.
She told the woman, she'd sell the dress for 300 dollars.
When the check arrived, it read Eastern Tennessee State University, and it was worth 2,000 dollars.
"She sent me the check and it arrived by some kind of courier at 10:00 in the morning and at 10:01, she started texting me, did you get it, did you get it, go to the bank right now"

The woman told Erica the extra money was for shipping cost, and she needed to send another check to pay the difference.

By now Erica knew this had all the makings of a scam.
The Better Business Bureau says online classified ad sites are full of scams waiting to happen if you aren't careful.
That's a lesson one college student learned the hard way.
While on Craigslist looking for a job, the student gave her banking information, and before she knew it, her account was wiped clean.

"That night actually she went to get some fast food, swiped her debit card, it was declined. I think the meal was just a few bucks, she said this doesn't make any sense at all I just made $300."
As for Erica, she still has the dress and thanks to good foresight, she spotted her Craigslist scam, *before* she became a victim.

"I didn't lose any money because I knew she was trying to get something out of me"
Here are some other things to keep in mind if you plan on buying or selling online.
Deal with people in your local area, where you can meet in person at a public place.

Never wire any money.
Don't give personal information like social security numbers or bank account information.
Do your research and stick to the old adage.
'If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is'