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Holiday cooking and disposing of fats/oils properly

ESCAMBIA COUNTY  -  It's that time of year again! The holidays mean special times with family and friends, and lots of delicious food: Turkey, gravy, buttery homemade desserts and yes, the potential for sanitary sewer overflows.

Fortunately, there are ways to prevent potential pollution, and avoid sewage backups. A program offered by the Emerald Coast Utilities Authority.

Next week you'll have to figure out how you are going to prepare your turkey. Will you fry it? If you do you'll have a lot of cooking oil left over. Should you put it down the drain? No! You should drop it off at one of these containers.

When turkey fat and gravy are washed down the drain during cleanup of pots, pans and fryers, the fats and greasy scraps harden, and stick to the inside of sewer lines.  This build up increases over time, especially in cold weather, and can cause clogs and potential overflows. Deep-frying a turkey often leaves behind three to five gallons of used cooking oil.

ECUA recommends that these steps be taken to safely dispose of used cooking oil: Let the oil cool completely. Pour it into its original container or another leak-proof container and label "used cooking oil." take the used cooking oil to an ECUA Cooking Oil Disposal Station or call the ECUA for a free Residential Household Hazardous Waste Collection. For smaller volumes allow the oil to cool and solidify. Scrape it into the trash.

Jim Roberts- Emerald Coast Utilities Authority
"Those products kinda congeal to the sewer lining and restricts the flow of water which could mean pipes backing up, the materials going back into a house."

"Call a plumber out to your house on Thanksgiving Eve to stop overflow, three times the rate is what they will charge to clear the pipes out."

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