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NFL bullying latest, team rallying around Incognito

MIAMI  --  The NFL has brought in an outside attorney to investigate what happened with the Miami Dolphins' "he said, he said" locker room drama.

Jonathan Martin says he was bullied so relentlessly by his fellow lineman Ritchie Incognito that he had to check himself into a South Florida hospital
for emotional distress.

But according to ESPN even at that point, Martin didn't bring up the hazing as the reason for his breakdown.

Chris Mortensen :
Joe Philbin the Dolphin's headcoach has been very adamant and consistent that never once has Jonathan Martin ever come to him and said I gotta
problem, I'm being harassed, I'm being bullied.

But there are reports that Martin's own coaches questioned his killer instinct - and encouraged Incognito to "Toughen Martin up" according to the
Florida Sun Sentinel.

When asked about it, Philbin didn't deny it.
Joe Philbin/Miami Dolphins Head Coach : Martin came here and worked hard every single day

Martin is now back in California with his family his father spoke to OMG Insider:

Martin's Father:
He's a strong man he's doing fine.
Incognito's been laying low this week and his Dolphins teammates seem to be rallying around him.

Ryan Tannehill/Miami Dolphins:
He's a great teammate to me.  I saw him being a great teammate all the time.
The reaction around the NFL has been mixed.

Antrel Rolle/New York Giants:
Is Incognito wrong? I mean absolutely, he's a 100% wrong. //But at the same time Jonathan Martin is a 6-4, 320 pound man.  I mean at some point in time, you have to stand your ground as an individual.

Doug Baldwin/Seattle Seahawks: What options did Jonathan Martin have?  I think he made the intelligent, smart choice without putting himself or Richie Incognito's physical ability in danger.

Overnight there were reports that Martin talked to his teammates about quitting football even before he checked himself into the hospital.