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Should Navarre become a city?

A group is pushing  to turn Navarre into a city.
They are called the Citizens to Incorporate Navarre.
A meeting was held tonight to discuss exactly how they can make that happen.

Channel Threes Jenise Fernandez was there and brings us the latest.

The Citizens to Incorporate Navarre hired a consultant, wanting to answer one question: can Navarre become a city without increasing taxes? It looks like it's a definite possibility.

Standing room only at the Navarre Conference Center, people sharing ideas and addressing their concerns...

"We can decide what kind of city we want to be, what kind of growth we want to have."

Current population in Navarre is about 33,000. That number keeps growing.

The main reasons supporters want to see Navarre become its own city, is to give Navarre it's own voice.
Laurie Spear headed the meeting and believes Navarre is giving a whole lot to the county, but not getting much in return.

"Navarre is actually 22 percent of the population of Santa Rosa County....not getting the services back here in Navarre."

A consultant broke down the numbers.
Funding for things like a Navarre City Council or a parks and recreation department would come from taxes they're already paying. In other words, there'd be no tax increases.

"Between the additional revenue we get from the state and taxes we are paying now we can fund a city."

But there are some concerns. Some  don't know if the plan will work, and fear jumping into something too quickly.

Sandra Horton
"I don't want it to become some huge big area like just can't back out of it."

Now this is still a lengthy process.
The goal is to put a bill in front of state legislators in 2015.
Legislators will decide on whether or not it should be put on the ballot.
If it is, citizens will then vote on it.
Reporting live in Santa Rosa County, Jenise Fernandez, Channel Three News.