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Christmas tree shopping

It's that time of year, time to get your Christmas tree.

More than 24 million trees were sold last year in the US.
And right now that industry is hitting its prime time.
Channel Three's Kavontae Smalls visited Bailey's Farmer's Market in Pensacola where they have 15-hundred trees ready to find homes.

Linda Bueler is dedicating part of her Black Friday preparing for Christmas. But instead of spending all her time shopping for gifts, she's looking for the perfect tree to put those presents underneath.
"I'd like something kind of tall and skinny, and my daughter we're looking for another tree for their home and we want to a little taller but more full."

Bailey's Farmer's Market has sold natural Christmas trees for nearly 50-years.
They get their trees from small farms in Michigan, Oregon and North Carolina.

Don Bailey said, "I just love to see the kids when they come out and see their smiles and how happy they are because they're getting a tree, I like doing it and watching the families."

Live trees require a little more work than a fake one. Mostly, place them in water, and away from heat sources.

So everyone may not be an expert when it comes to buying a real Christmas tree so here are two things you might want to check for.
First, run your hands through the branch, if a lot of needles fall off, that may be a bad sign.
Another thing to do, is bend the branch, if it snaps that means the tree is probably too dry.

It's a family tradition for Todd Nusbaum to buy a tree the day after Thanksgiving.

Todd Nusbaum said, "Forty to fifty years we've been doing this, so it gets you going, it gets you in the mood to listen to Christmas music coming out here."

For most people finding the perfect tree, does more than fill the house with the smell of fresh pine, it puts them in the Christmas spirit.