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Florida man fights to improve 911 system

 Florida man is making it his mission to improve America's 911 emergency  call system.
His wife was kidnapped -- and tried to call for help before she was killed
Now he's leading a lobbying blitz in Washington today to  fix the flaws in the system.

Is morning- Nathan Lee is heading to Washington on a mission, demanding changes to the nation's 911 system  one, he says, failed to help save his wife's life.

Nathan 911 Call
Lee:  Her purse is here, I don't, her cell phone is here
It was 2008 -- Lee arrived home to discover his wife, Denise Amber, missing.

Operator: She's never done this before
Lee: No, no, no, no, no.

She had been kidnapped from their Florida home. She tried saving herself by making this frantic 911 call from a moving car, using her abductor's cell
phone without him knowing.

Denise: Help me!
Dispatcher: what's the address that you're at?
Dispatcher: Help me!

That was the problem. The police could not lock-in on the phone's GPS location in time to save her. Lee's body was LATER found in a shallow grave.

Nathan Lee --
It's completely unbelievable the amount of lives that could be saved every year if the FCC could improve the sole location requirements from the cell providers.

An estimated 70 percent of 911 CALLS come from cell phones---but when the calls are made from inside a building or a car-- it can disrupt the phone's
GPS tracking.

That's why Nathan Lee is in Washington today. He wants the Federal Communications Commission to push cell phones manufacturers to develop to technology to close this gap.

Jamie Barnett
We just need the FCC to move forward on making sure that we are those technologies are used and employed throughout the United States

Nathan Lee's mission is based on pain and loss.
Nathan Lee
You know it just breaks my heart that they're growing up without a mom

Lee says he doesn't want anyone else to have to go through the hell he has been through.