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Psychic scams

A self-declared clairvoyant was convicted of big-money scams in Florida.
Channel 3's Kalie Desimone spoke to a local psychic medium who says regulations are needed to protect people.

While you may not think you're a believer in the supernatural... A recent survey found about one in seven Americans have consulted with a psychic.

There is a history of legal wrestling over fortunetelling, free speech and fraud. While the recent trial held in West Palm Beach involved general fraud charges, numerous cities and states have laws banning or restricting soothsaying itself.

Escambia County doesn't have any rules pertaining to this type of business but Pensacola based psychic medium- Ericka Boussarhane says it certainly wouldn't hurt her business. She says laws would only help clients know who is legitimate and who isn't.

Ericka Boussarhane-  Psychic Medium
"Usually when you go to a psychic it should be affordable, unless they are on TV- they may have outlandish prices. Generally when you go to a psychic it should be cheap. You are paying for their time. You should have to pay more and more money. If you go to one of those, you want to run away. That's my best advice."

Many psychics say they give disclaimers- saying they can't pledge complete accuracy and tell clients to see them as a guide who helps elicit their own insights.