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Deadline today to sign up for Affordable Care Act

A major millstone for the president's health care plan.
Shoppers must sign up today if they want to be covered by insurance on January 1st.
Officials say the trouble-plagued website can handle any last minute rush.
The Obama administration set a goal of seven million signed up by March.
But on Friday, President Obama announced they have hit only the one million mark.
The clock is ticking down to a long-awaited milestone for Obamacare. Today it's the deadline for most Americans to sign up for health coverage under the government's Affordable Care Act, if they want their insurance to kick in on January 1.

And from the new law's supporters, much optimism that this could be a turning point in a rollout that has been problem-plagued so far.

Schumer : "There have been a lot of glitches, there have been a lot of problems but they're getting fixed. And six months from now, many more people are going to see the positives rather than the negatives.

But there is concern all around, from consumers, insurers, and experts: Will enough people - particularly young adults - sign up to make the insurance marketplace work?

Van Sustern, ABC: "I'm not convinced and I don't think the numbers show it, That we're going to be able to support this. Because I don't think the young and healthy are going to come in droves and sign up. Maybe they will.   I hope they do, but I'm not optimistic.

And if the young and healthy and other insurance shoppers do try to sign up, will the troubled website - - be able to handle a last minute crush? The Obama administration says yes.

On Friday, President Obama announced that a million people have signed up so far. Republican critics don't agree with such a positive assessment. The administration's goal is 7
Million by March 2014. Consumers have until the end of March to sign up for Insurance without having to pay a penalty for lack of coverage.

 Schumer: "The bottom line is there are a lot of good things in Obamacare that people like and the more people see that, the more positive It's going to be."

The White House says President Obama will sign up for health insurance on the marketplace by the end of today.