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Pebbles from a meteorite fell from the sky Saturday

The odds are astronomical, but 7-year-old Steven Lippard and his dad are convinced the boy was struck by pebbles from a meteorite Saturday while playing outside.

Steven has a gash -- stitched up with three staples -- on his head to prove it. Initial testing at Florida Atlantic University indicates the little stones -- pea sized and smaller -- are metallic, a good sign they came from space. Other testing supports the meteorite theory.

When it happened Saturday, Steven was bleeding from a wound that apparently came out of nowhere. His dad Wayne thought it might be from a golf ball or maybe a bird swooping down.

Moments later they found the little rocks. A chemical test can confirm they came from space.

What are the odds? Astronomer Phil Plait figures it's almost impossible to calculate. Only two people in America have had close brushes with meteorites in recent times. An eight-pound fragment hit an Alabama woman in 1954, and a 27-pounder crushed a car in New York in 1992.

Steven says he hasn't gained any super powers -- yet -- from the collision, but he's got a story he says he will share with his kids when he grows up.