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Flying easier for the Holidays

The Holiday travel season is underway.
Triple-A estimates over five and a half million people will be flying soon, and airports will get pretty busy.
    Channel Three's Rob Brown has ways to make the skies more stress free.

With the Holiday travel season at it's peak, we all know the standard operating procedure for getting on airplanes.
    But personnel here at the Pensacola International Airport have come up with a list of tips to make your Holiday traveling a little smoother.

First and foremost, check your luggage before you get here; fifty pounds is a pretty good rule of thumb. And make sure you arrive early.
    There are no guarantees for another flight if you miss yours.

And once you get here, for the tech savvy, you can actually put your boarding pass on your phone, and scan it that way.
    That'll save you a little bit of time.

But have that ID ready when you approach the security checkpoint.

Also, any fluids or gels you might be carrying have to go inside of a four ounce or smaller container.
    Those can go inside of a one quart ziplock bag, like this one.

That'll go inside of your carry on. For an appropriate and acceptable carry on size, check your individual airline website.

And finally, if you are traveling with wrapped gifts, do not wrap them before you get to security.

If TSA cannot look inside your gift, you might have to unwrap it. And for a list of prohibited items, check out tsa.gov.