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Duck Dynasty patriarch speaks out on offensive comments

Now to Duck dynasty's Phil Robertson - speaking out about those comments that many people found offensive and that got him suspended from his mega-hit
show. He's not giving much ground. And his supporters are fighting back.

This Duck isn't backing down Phil Robertson telling a Bible study class Sunday he's "not a hater"  but adding, 'I will not give or back off from my path"

The patriarch of Duck Dynasty's family of hunters ruffled some feathers last week with allegedly anti-gay and racist comments to GQ Magazine. Robertson telling the group  that "from the beginning Jesus said, "It is a man and a woman."

Couching everything on the Bible - he seemed to dig himself further into a hole likening being gay to being an adulterer and a liar according to those sources saying GFX "What's the difference?"

Robertson's son Allen addressed the congregation deadpanning: "Hope your week went well..." "Ours was kinda' slow."

But not necessarily bad. Since A&E suspended Duck Daddy Robertson last week,  major sponsors are hanging in: including Under Armor, Walmart and Cracker
 Barrel which announced last week it would remove Dynasty merchandize only to back peddle over the weekend

The family now has this very strong brand that they could probably market and eventually take elsewhere if things don't work out. And it's not like fans are seeing any less of hunting clan. A&E, which is partly owned by ABC,  is in the midst a Duck Dynasty marathon through Christmas  in addition Entertainment Weekly is reporting the show's 5th
season starting in January will in fact feature Phil

Losing the show could create a huge ripple in the swamp, says lt. Gov Jay Dardene
I certainly want to see this show continue. // it's clearly increased our tourism particularly in the northern part of the state and that's what I like to see happen.

As I saw when I spent a day with them the Duck Dynasty factory is a sort of an outdoorsman's mecca.
"We're from North Carolina"

They're likely to remain popular even if - as they've threatened --the entire flock leaves A&E for another nest,