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Warrants sweep uncovers burglary ring

Dozens of break-ins in Escambia County may be connected.
Investigators say they've uncovered a burglary ring that spans in the entire county.

That discovery started with a "warrants sweep."
Sheriff David Morgan says deputies spent the last week tracking down sixty people wanted for various crimes.

Channel Three's Jenise Fernandez joins us now live to explain how those arrests led deputies to a crime ring.

The Sheriff's Office isn't releasing too many details on this burglary ring, or the names of those involved.
They say it's still under investigation. They suspect about ten people are involved.

61 people wanted for various crimes, ranging from drug possession to burglary...
During this "warrants sweep", deputies discovered a sizable burglary ring they believe broke into 30 homes and 100 cars throughout the county.
Three people arrested this week have been linked to the crimes.

Sheriff David Morgan
"It sends a clear message to the criminal element in our community that we're coming after ya."

Shaun Pochel's truck has been broken into twice in the past three months.
The thieves got away with an iPad, iPod, and GPS.

"High dollar items, kinda rummaged through the truck and left it in disarray."

Enough is enough. Pochel is packing his bags and moving out.
He doesn't know if the car thefts are related to this string of burglaries, but plans to protect his property in any way he can.

"It's important that you watch out for yourself... we all work for our things."

The Sheriff's Office says the burglars are not targeting a specific area, they're all over the county.
To prevent her home from being a target, Rosemarie Kondo makes sure her doors are always locked, and leaves a light on even if she's not home.
She also carries a gun... In case she ever needs to defend herself against an intruder.

This operation, nicknamed "Smoking Gun," lasted about a week.
Sheriff Morgan says this is the first of many "warrants sweeps" he plans to do.
Reporting live in Escambia County, Jenise Fernandez, Channel Three News.