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NKorea's Kim Jong Un has uncle executed

NORTH KOREA  --  A troubling development in North Korea.
Leader Kim Jong Un's previously powerful uncle has been executed.
Jang Song-Tech was seen as the country's unofficial number two.
This a major shake-up in North Korea and a clear sign that the rogue nation's young leader will not tolerate dissent or threats to his power.

Kim Jong-Un had his powerful uncle executed.
Jang Song-Tech, the country's unofficial number two, was accused of being a traitor.

The news was announced publicly a surprise move for the secretive regime.
Photos were released on the uncle being arrested  bond and later dragged before a military tribunal.

He was accused of trying to overthrow North Korea's young leader - and was called a "Traitor for all ages" and "Despicable human scum."

Found guilty of plotting a military coup Jang was executed immediately.
The headlines from North Korea state run media say the uncle "deserved" it.

NKorea Kim Uncle. (Korean) Pak Chang Gil, Pyongyang resident
This man in Pyongyang felt the same - "he's like an enemy who dares to be crazy enough to take over power from our party and our leader...He got what
he deserved."

Jang was an advocate for economic reform married to Kim's aunt.  He was a mentor who helped Kim transition to power after his father's death two years

Analysts said the bold move by Kim Jong Un could mark the beginning of a power struggle between the older and younger generations - and sent a strong message that young leader demands complete loyalty.