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Local air passengers describe travel nightmare caused by Dallas storm

PENSACOLA   --   Several flights going in and out of Pensacola International Airport were delayed because of the storm.   
Folks arriving at Pensacola Airport from Dallas say the last few days have been a nightmare.

Janet Early, Passenger: "We've been getting delayed just since Saturday."   
Janet Early and other passengers say they've had to wait out several delays because of the storm, which left the Dallas Fort Worth Airport packed with travelers.

"Every time you make the reservation, they cancel it. Sunday they cancelled it. But they don't call you to tell you they cancelled it."

Jessica Drumm, Passenger: "When I get to the airport, they had changed my flight t already, finding out, I get to the airport that that flight's cancelled, so they rescheduled me to a different flight as I'm waiting in line. Then I find out that one's cancelled."

Dr. Patrick Couch, Passenger: "It's tough. But there's nothing you can do."
Each of the travelers we spoke with say they've had to miss at least some work today, including Doctor Patrick Couch, of Mobile.

Dr. Patrick Couch, Passenger: "I'm gonna miss half a day. I've had to move patients."

Janet Early, Passenger: "It's just exhausting because every time you kind of gear yourself up for going, they cancelled."
Jessica Drumm, Passenger: "Frustrating trying to get ahold of family. I have two kids at home so, trying to get babysitters..."

Things are getting back to normal in Dallas but as always, it's a good idea to check flight information before you get to the airport.