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The Code of Silence slows investigations considerably

ESCAMBIA COUNTY  --  Channel 3's Christina Leavenworth spent some time in that Mayfair community today, and experienced what many deputies talk about all the time -- the Code of Silence.

She joins us now live outside the Escambia County Sheriff's Office with more on the problem.
Sheriff's office investigators work around the clock trying to solve crimes like this one all the time.
But it's hard for them to move forward, when there is a code of silence on the streets.

Today as we went door to door to find out more about this recent shooting we also experienced that.  Every person we talked to said they didn't' see or hear a thing.
There were deputies out, an ambulance investigators combed the area for evidence.  But yet people that live just a few doors down say they were home and didn't notice a thing.

Well it's called the Code of Silence by law enforcement officials.  A crime happens and then no one talks about what they saw...

No one understands that more than Rosa Dukes. Her son Broderick Johnson was killed in 2011 on Diego Circle. His killer is still on the loose

It's still here now.  Everyday I live it over every day, every minute, every second, I don't see my sons face, don't hear his voice anymore

She says not knowing who killed him makes the pain even worse, when there are people out there with answers..

Peoples not talking, people don't talk, they know but they don t want to come forward to say what they know, I feel like this, if it were you child, you would want someone to come forward and tell you about your child..

When it comes to changing the culture, she won't give up.  And neither will community activist Rodney Jones.

I think its very serious in Escambia, we can look at unsolved murder rate and know for a fact its a very serious problem...

He even admits he used to be a part of this culture.
The reason I was is because it might have been my brother involved, cousin, therefore I took the position, I'm not going to say anything cause I'm not gonna get him trapped up, let them do their job....

13 years ago his life changed, he's now using his street knowledge to change the code through spoken word

His videos are being spread throughout the community and he feels they are starting to make a difference.

Often people don't talk because they are afraid of retaliation.  That's where Crimestoppers comes in...
It's completely anonymous and often could lead to a reward.  They encourage anyone who knows anything to call them at 433-STOP.