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Christmas lights banned from La Chateau Condos

Residents at La Chateau Condominiums in Pensacola have received notice, they cannot decorate for Christmas.  This comes as a shock to many since they claim nowhere in the bylaws does it state they can't put up Christmas lights or wreathes on their doors. 

There's no shortage of Christmas spirit for Samantha Arguello.  Decorations are all over her home both inside and out, but it's the decorations outside her condo is what's got the attention of her homeowners association.

With Christmas less than two weeks away, this is not the letter homeowners and renters at La Chateau want to see.

"We were told we are not allowed to have any outdoor decorations or anything that altered the property" said Samantha Arguello.

Samantha has lived in her condo with her 3 young kids for the last 2 years.  She's always decorated for the holidays, especially Halloween and Christmas.

"There's not much I can give them, and I can do this, and now I'm being told four days before Christmas my decorations have to come down"

But this year she and a few of her neighbors were told they can't put up any lights, wreaths, garlands or anything else.

"Everything that's been put up this Christmas has removable adhesive tabs with hooks" said Arguello.

The company Samantha rents from told her the lights could pose a fire hazard and create an insurance liability.  The home association's letter says residents must get approval to decorate outside their condos.
But Samantha says she can't find that clause in the 42 page by-laws.

"Specifically anything I've seen in that 42 page document does not say, hey you can't decorate for Christmas"

William Dailey lives downstairs from Samantha. 

"I came home the other night there was a lady threatening to evict her because of the Christmas decorations.  It's ridiculous" said William Dailey, neighbor.

"We want to be festive, we're trying to do this in a responsible way" said Arguello.

Samantha says the property manager told her, she has until the end of next week to take these decorations down.
Channel 3 News reached out to city group, the agency that manages the home owner's association and issued the letter to residents asking them to take down their decorations.  We will continue to follow the story as it develops.