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HEALTH NEWS: New Option to treat Breast Cancer may soon be available

There may soon be a new option available to treat breast cancer.
It's called "UItrasound Therapy" and it uses focused waves of sound to heat and remove cancer tissue.
Surgery is a daunting reality --  to  more than 200 thousand women diagnosed with breast cancer each year.

Currently there are only two major options. The least invasive, a lumpectomy - which removes the tumor and as little additional tissue as possible. The most invasive: A mastectomy, which takes the whole breast.

But a new, very preliminary study presents the possibility of another option - one that involves no knives and no cuts.

Italian researchers explored using focused ultrasound waves to heat and destroy cancer tissue. They tried it on 12 women with localized breast cancer before surgery. In checking after surgery they found that in  10 of these women, ultrasound was successful in removing all of the cancer. In the other two, it removed 85 percent of the tumor.

It's still far too early to know whether this technique will ever find its way into routine practice.  But it is just one way that researchers are looking for new approaches... That may one day take breast cancer patients out of the OR.

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