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Cold Weather and effect on your plants

ESCAMBIA COUNTY -- The cold temperatures could have deadly effects on your plants.  The frost from cold temperatures can cause the water in your plant cells to freeze which can kill them.

Frost damage can be spotted easily, just look out for brown, limp or distorted leaves.

"On the ends it's dead, but as you go on down further there may be life down in there" said Vermel Purdue, Perdue's Pots & Plants.

Vermel Perdue at Perdues Pots & Plants has kept busy trying to keep her plants alive throughout the various cold snaps as of late.

"When you're dealing with 17 degrees, there are not many precautions you can do that will save them" said Perdue.

So what to do to give the plants in your yard a fighting chance?

"You put plastic over them, a sheet a blanket pine straw around them as much as you can get, and that's about all we can do here" said Perdue.

Perdue also recommends using mulch or pine straw to help insulate the soil to protect the roots and keep them warmer.
If you've been protecting your plants all season long...keep at it, but if you haven't... you'd be better off  starting fresh when the weather warm up a bit.

"They're too late for this year, it's all over.  If they didn't bring anything in or didn't protect it, I can guarantee it's pretty well gone, unless they are perennials or trees or something like that" said Perdue.

While many plants don't look good now, as long as their roots are okay, they should come back in the Spring.