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PPD wants to educate community on "how to prevent burglaries'

PENSACOLA   --  PENSACOLA - The Pensacola  Police Department wants to educate the community on how they can help prevent burglaries.
Two officers recently received training in South Florida and now want to share tips with residence and business owners on how they can protect their properties.
Around 6:00 Friday morning H and O Restaurant owner Michael Grier said he got a call from the Pensacola Police Department. He says this brick was tossed through his business window shattering the glass.
"There was glass all over the floor and the brick traveled at least 10 feet or 15 feet through the door," said Michael Grier.
Grier says a Pensacola Police officer was on patrol in the neighborhood when he noticed the broken door.

When Grier arrived he checked the register.
 "There was nothing to open because there was no drawer in it because we take the drawer out at night time and we secure it," said Grier.

Nothing was missing but Grier says it was obvious someone rummaged through his restaurant.

 "It makes you feel like someone has invaded your personal space," said Grier.

This is the second time in 30 years his restaurant has been broken into.

Grier plans to invest in a security system.
"The difference between having one and not is we're notified immediately when someone has gained entry into their building which only gives the burglar a few minutes to take items," said Jonathan Cramer.
Doug Taylor with ACC a security company says they have nearly 3,000 clients in the area.

He says having a security system can deter crime.
"Most systems respond instantly and if you have a local alarm what that does is gives the person that is breaking in notice and a lot of times they will just leave the facility," said  Doug Taylor.
Even if the suspect is not caught by police at the time of the act cameras could catch their face and help lead to an arrest.

"We send the pictures to other officers who might know the people and we obviously use other areas," said Cramer.
Officer Jonathan Cramer just went to South Florida for training on how to prevent burglaries

He says the department plans to reach out to business and homeowners to share what he learned.