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Explosives discovered in two areas of Okaloosa County

OKALOOSA COUNTY  --    For the second time two weeks, a stash of military explosives has been found in North Okaloosa County.

The State Fire Marshal's Office confirms a box containing C-4 grade explosives was found Sunday night, in the woods near downtown Crestview.   

Explosives were also found in Baker, at the home of a soldier named Vaughn Pottle. That discovery came in late December, after Pottle was charged with the battery and attempted murder of his girlfriend.

Laura Hussey "Police were called to the area near these railroad tracks Sunday night, it's near the intersection of MLK and Lloyd streets. Right back in these woods, they found a large box of explosives."     

A couple walking in the woods made the discovery. The state fire marshal's office confirms there were enough C-4 grade explosives to fill a suitcase. Several nearby homes and apartments were evacuated.

Robert Allen/Crestview "I was pulling up, coming over to see my kids. And I seen a bunch of police officers you know, and they was saying there was explosives out there and I was just worried about my kids at that point."

Eula Blackshear went to her sister's house, not sure what she'd find when she came back.

Eula Blackshear "I said I hope when I get back, my house is still there, it ain't blowed up."

Once everyone returned home, they were left with the question.... What was someone planning to do with a box full of plastic explosives?

Robert Allen "I guess blow up somebody, I don't know. I mean, I'm glad they ain't on the streets no more."

Authorities believe this man, Vaughn Pottle, is responsible, though he has not been charged in the case. Pottle is a soldier with the 7th Special Forces Group. Explosives were also found at his home in Baker, on December 29.

The bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms has taken over the investigation, into how the explosives got off a military base, and into someone's neighborhood.

Eula Blackshear "I was just afraid, just afraid."

Laura Hussey "In addition to ATF, the FBI is helping with this investigation. They say it's not any kind of terrorist threat. Reporting from Crestview, Laura Hussey, Channel 3 News